Camping FAQs

 Questions Mums Often Ask

Are the Safari Tents clean on arrival?
Yes.  They are cleaned before you arrive so that all you need to do is relax in the idyllic surrounds.

Are there showers?
Yes.  We have a shower facility.  We have power… you can even bring the hair dryer!

Are there toilets?
Yes.  We do have toilets and running water to wash your hands, clean your teeth etc…

Is there power?
We have limited powered sites.

Is there a fridge?
Yes.  There is a fridge in the shared kitchen area.  Put your name on containers etc… so that you know its yours.

Is there a doctor in the case of medical emergencies?
There is a doctor in Canungra which is only a short drive.

Questions Dads Often Ask

Is there a Bar?
Sorry fellas.  We don’t have a liquor licence.  You are welcome to BYO.  We are a family campsite so please enjoy a drink responsibly.

Is there fishing?
Yes.  There are some terrific fresh water creeks and water holes in the area.

Are the Safari tents waterproof?
Yes.  No more uncomfortable wet camping experiences.

Do we need to bring Gas?
Gas is supplied in the BBQ area.  But you you will need your own if you have gas lamps or you want to set up your own cooking space.

Questions Kids Often Ask

Is there a pool?
No but there is an awesome water hole perfect for swimming

Can we play?
Absolutely!  There is plenty of open space to play cricket, volley ball, badminton, soccer, touch football etc..  Bring your own eqipment and you are all set.

Are there animals?
Yes!  The wildlife is never too far away.

Is there internet?
Sorry kids.  We are in a pocket where there is no internet access.  You won’t need internet anyway… there is plenty of outdoor stuff to do!